Mexico: He’s Staying, So Time To Throw The Chips In With Osorio

PASADENA, CA - JULY 22: Juan Carlos Osorio coach of Mexico speaks during the Mexico National Team press conference at Rose Bowl Stadium on July 22, 2017 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Victor Straffon/LatinContent/Getty Images)
Mexico: He’s Staying, So Time To Throw The Chips In With Osorio

Mexico suffered two semi-final losses this summer in both the Confederations Cup and Gold Cup. As of now, Mexico has back-to-back summers of heartbreak under the control of Juan Carlos Osorio, and the chants of “Fuera Osorio!” have begun.

I myself have criticized Osorio’s recent methods, in fact, I would have liked the FMF to move on to a new manager. Mexico is primed to seal its ticket to Russia 2018, so these remaining games would’ve been a great chance for a new mind to make Mexico ready under a new reign.

However, that isn’t happening; Juan Carlos Osorio is staying for the long run.

The fear among fans and media is that Osorio will continue making his changes every match during tournaments, and it is a legitimate fear. Yet, there’s no reason to shout about his firing (unless somehow it does happen) because the Federation has made it clear they are sticking to Osorio.


Four years ago, Mexico went through an embarrassing path to the World Cup, and although they were able to redeem themselves in Brazil, the sting of falling to fourth place stayed for years. Fast forward, and Osorio’s team is cruising to Russia 2018.

As a fan, the only thing to do is toss the chips in with Osorio. He is a good coach in terms of his support for his players and studying the game. Of course, the way he manages in tournaments is deserving of its criticism, but giving him the full cycle may show dividends.

“It’s unreal. I am speechless watching the video of the arrival of Professor Osorio in Mexico…we have a lot to learn, we have a lot to improve.”

Wishing failure does nobody any good, so giving Osorio the final sign of support is the last option. Many players have come out to defend Osorio from the way fans have yelled for his firing, and if they are in his corner, there’s only one last thing to do as a fan, and that is to join them.

Mexico resumes its World Cup qualifying in September, and if Osorio picks up those last few clinching points, fans may start to ease off and look forward to what is to come next.

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