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Dear Abby Wambach, Take It Easy Now

Abby Wambach #20 of the United States stands for player introductions prior to the women's soccer match against China at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on December 16, 2015 in New Orleans, Louisiana. China defeated the United States 1-0.
Dear Abby Wambach, Take It Easy Now

Abby Wambach has finally taken her last bow in a USA jersey in a 0-1 defeat against the People’s Republic of China. Abby has been a role model and shining star for the women’s game. She has stood out for the United States in victory and in defeat.


Unfortunately here Abby is where I must tell you to “take it easy now.” Abby in the leading up to her final game against China was on the Bill Simmons Podcast. Abby then took the time to voice her opinion regarding, Jurgen Klinsmann’s job and about particular players that play for USMNT.


Abby pointed out “The way that he (Jurgen Klinsmann) has changed and brought in these ‘foreign’ guys is just not something I believe in.” Abby specifically singles out Fabian Johnson and Jermaine Jones. “I love Jermaine Jones. I love watching him play, and I love Fabian Johnson, he plays in Germany and he’s killing it right now after being sent home for “faking an injury’. I think this experiment that U.S. Soccer has given Jurgen isn’t one that , personally, I’m into.”


Those comments Abby made really have puzzled many, do we really want to exclude the likes of Jermaine Jones and Fabian Johnson from the USMNT? The reason why those two were born in West Germany was because their fathers were abroad fighting for our freedom. We should not exclude these “foreign guys” because they lived abroad with their family members  who made that sacrifice.


Fox Sports radio personality Colin Cowherd said it best on “The Herd” responding immediately after her comments on Fabian Johnson. “Yes he is! That’s the point he’s crushing it because he’s good! Jurgen Klinsmann maybe the right coach and may not be the right coach but its all about expectations.” Coaches get hired and fired mainly on expectations; these expectations are seemingly placed too high for USMNT opposed to the USWNT.

Cowherd points out that the U.S. Women do very well in soccer because the women for the United States are top athletes in the game. On the opposite spectrum the men on team USA, many of our best would be considered average at best.

On another interesting note for you too Abby, your former teammate on USWNT, Sydney Leroux was born in British Columbia, Canada. She in fact also played for Canada’s Under-19 team twice.

Mary Abigail Wambach, I am not giving you a hard time about this, mainly with your many accolades and honors, but here is where I say “take it easy now.” Those comments made on the Bill Simmons’ Podcast are completely out of place.

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