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Ligue 1: PSG Fans Would Be Wise Not To Turn On Neymar

PARIS, FRANCE - JANUARY 17: Neymar Jr of Paris Saint-Germain reacts during the Ligue 1 match between Paris Saint-Germain and Dijon FCO at Parc des Princes on January 17, 2018 in Paris. (Photo by Xavier Laine/Getty Images )
Ligue 1: PSG Fans Would Be Wise Not To Turn On Neymar

All right Paris Saint-Germain supporters, you of the Colectif Ultras Paris, of the Virage Auteuil, we need to have a talk. I understand that you were slighted by Neymar Santos Jr.’s fourth goal, a penalty that should have, in your chivalrous frame of mind, been awarded to the Matador of Salto, the knight of the Parisians, Edinson Cavani, in an 8-0 pumping of Olivier Dall’Oglio Dijon FCO that made the words of its brave goalkeeper, Baptiste Reynet prophetic.

Here’s the response: it is petulant, ungrateful, damning, unappreciative and incendiary. First of all, Cavani had two legit chances in the second half before the attempt to break Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s all-time Ligue 1 goals record, off a set piece that went wayward, and on the run of play that saw Cavani out of position to finish the delivery inside the box. Secondly, wouldn’t you rather have this record be broken against a more fancied opponent such as, say for instance, Olympique Lyonnais, the second-best team in France at the moment, on the road, no less? Against an overmatched opponent in Dijon would be anticlimactic and wouldn’t cut the mustard, pun intended.

Thirdly, the Cristiano Ronaldo era at your Spanish counterparts, the mighty Real Madrid Club de Futbol bankrolled by Mr. Florentino Perez, is at its zenith. Already the citizens who bleed Madrid white are pressing for a revolution in deposing its once-celebrated hero (although to an extent, it was part of CR7’s own undoing that accelerated the plans for a revolution in the Spanish capital). Soon, Cristiano’s throne at the Bernabeu will belong to Neymar if he falls out of favor despite his body of work for PSG.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi paid millions of euros to bring the new King of Paris to Le Parc des Princes and he is merely paying it back in the form of goals, assists, and a complete skills showcase. He is the master football culinarian of PSG’s first team kitchen staff, the sous-chef that prepares delightful demonstrations of geste technique-skill, with his left foot, his right, off set pieces, penalties, the complete package. He is giving you what you paid for and he works hard in practice to deliver the goods, as per the motto of Revons Plus Grand: Dream Bigger. Big scores, big plays from big names.

And you choose to do the most unconscionable thing and mock him, boo him, whistle him and show a complete lack of respect for a disciple of the sport that received 10 scores from many sources for his body of work against Dijon, moving the prophet Reynet to tears. That does not bode well moving forward.

Respect for the king of Paris…Saint-Germain that is, is key, especially at a time where many nations and realms of the waking look to turn on their leaders through whatever means necessary to ensure might makes right. Mayhap I remind you, supporters of the mighty PSG, that centuries ago, Paris turned on another king, though the reasons for that are understandable and the outcome was surreal. I leave you to read more about that moment in history at your own disclosure.

And get this: Paris Football Club, the team across town that spun off from PSG, are still around and want to be promoted from Ligue 2 to ignite a true Parisian derby. You can support them instead. Options. Indeed, a former Paris FC player, Eden Massouema is now with Dijon and witnessed this beatdown firsthand.

But going back to speaking of history, history could repeat itself if you choose to turn on Neymar and how his work has impacted PSG’s brand of football. The lack of gratitude for one of the most expensive players in the game could be costly act of petulance. The time will come when your King of Paris becomes the new King of Madrid, so show some respect to Neymar Santos Jr., because you never know how long “Le Show MCN” will really last. Let Real and Arsenal (and maybe even Marseille, as seen with Evra) turn on their own. You, fans of Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, are better than this.

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