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LA Galaxy

The Magic Man Is Back: Mike Magee Returns To [Save?] LA Galaxy

Mike Magee #18 of the Los Angeles Galaxy in action against the Vancouver Whitecaps during an MLS Game at B.C. Place on May 11, 2013 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. May 11, 2013| Credit: Derek Leung


“And oh, what are you afraid of?
It’s so hard to get away
Won’t you give me a sign, don’t you cover your eyes
When you say my name, it’s so hard to get away
Won’t you give me a sign, don’t you cover your eyes
When you say my name, I know that you care.”


-Magic Man, “Chicagoland”

In the middle of that torrential storm of the Pacific known as “El Niño” (which is really a miraculous blessing to California’s farmers after four years of drought and hard luck hard life but the mainstream media don’t want to let you know that for the sake of sensational sensationalities), a hero has emerged out of that wind-infested jungle known as Chicagoland. A hero that is out to redeem the City of Angels from its fallen grace in Major League Soccer. A hero who has but one mission, and that’s to bring all the glory back to the heart of Southern California, in the heat of Los Angeles.

That’s right, spread the news and spread it far and wide like the rapping bard Macklemore spreads his love across the country. Mike Magee is returning to Bruce Arena‘s Los Angeles Galaxy with a vengeance, with a fury of a billion suns. And the choirs of angels who sang hymns of his praises at the cathedral of American soccer, the StubHub Center of Carson, California, recall his heroisms in Novembers past, of the invincible touch as a netminder against the blue-hearted demons of San Jose, of the looks, the charm, the gift, the schtick.

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The church bells ring amidst the pouring rain and flood water and crashing tides on the coast. Perhaps Mother Nature designed this in mind: what God hath wrought, heaven’s sweet tears of joy crashing down across the Southland as she welcomes back the prodigal son, the Normally Special One Beyond Extraordinary, forged in the heart of the Midwest.

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Mike Magee may be Chicago born and bred, but it is Los Angeles where he became a man among men, a cowboy among boy scouts, a king among pretenders. And that is just scratching the surface. One of the finest gingers since Alexi Lalas will also be joining him from Chicago, and that’s Jeff Larentowicz. The roles of Magee and Larentowicz, two public servants to the league, will be crucial in helping Steven Gerrard taste league glory for what may be the final season in his storied career.

So, Highlander Mike Magee, return to the greatest team in the competition, the glamour club, the pace setters, the trend setters, the ballers, the shot callers. It’s your time to make a move, it’s your time to make amends, it’s your time to break the rules.

Let’s begin.

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