Manchester City Consults Fans On Potential Badge Change

logo of Manchester City during the UEFA Champions League group E match between Bayern Munich and Manchester City on September 17, 2014 at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany.(Photo by VI Images via Getty Images)
Manchester City Consults Fans On Potential Badge Change

Manchester City is potentially looking to change their badge for the 3rd time in the club’s long history. The proposed move has City fans who are normally together, torn apart on the thought of switching it up from the current badge that many Citizens have fallen in love with. Speaking personally, I have only grown up with the current badge which features an eagle and three stars above the badge with the phrase “Superbia In Proelia”, which translates to “Pride in Battle”. I love the current badge and would love to see it stay as we are currently in the most successful period in the club’s history.

That being said, some City fans took to twitter share their thoughts on a new badge and some of the ideas look like suitable replacements. Taking a look at some of the other badges that are associated with City’s sister clubs, we see a pattern of circular badges. City has traditionally had a circle badge until of course the current one.

The second badge for Manchester City

Now this is not a set in stone deal where we will wake up tomorrow and City will suddenly be wearing a brand new badge on their kits. This is simply the club opening up the idea to fans to share their two cents into the ring if the club does decide to change it up. My guess for the outcome would be nothing changes for the time being, maybe in the future but with how the club is doing not only on the field, but off by making a profit for the first time since the current owners took over. A fan’s rendering of a potential new badge

No matter what happens, I would of course support the club’s decision and start getting used to the idea of my old jerseys now being completely out of date. The people who hold all of the power in this situation, is the club but also the Citizens’ members because those are the only people the club is listening to on the consulting of the future of the badge. I unfortunately am not an official citizen as most of the incentives are for people who can attend the matches in Manchester on a weekly basis.

Why would I as a blues fan want to say goodbye to a badge that we won the first Premier League title in 44 years with? Or that has seen the unprecedented growth not only in Great Britain, but also around the world? If I had a choice, I would leave the badge how it is.

The three Manchester City badges

If the blues decide to change the badge, you can be sure to read about it here on The Stoppage Time!


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