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Veracruz Equals World Football Futility Record

Atletico San Luis vs Club Veracruz | Photo by Atletico San Luis | August 24, 2019
Veracruz Equals World Football Futility Record

Life can be difficult at times. There are situations and events that we mere mortals simply can’t control. The pressures of school, work, and paying the rent or mortgage, just to name a few things, certainly have their ups and downs. These are some of the reasons why people enjoy football; an escape from our daily responsibilities is achieved by cheering on our favorite team.

What if your favorite team is the Tiburones from Veracruz though?

Imagine that you were at the Veracruz vs Tijuana game on August 25, 2018. Diego Chávez scored the only goal in a 1-0 victory over Tijuana that day.  You would have gone home happy that evening.

Now let’s stretch our imagination a little further, one calendar year later to be exact. If anybody would have told you that your team would not have won a single game in a full calendar year, you wouldn’t believe him or her. But it would be the truth. And nothing is more painful than the truth.

Thirty-two games on and Veracruz has not won another game. They have accumulated a grand total of seven points in that time thanks to seven draws. Sprinkled in between those draws have been twenty-five losses. You read that correctly, twenty-five! Veracruz has now matched the ineptitude of the 2007-08 Derby County team who also went thirty-two games without tasting victory.

Veracruz completed their one-year winless anniversary thanks to a 1-2 loss to Atletico de San Luis at home in the Luis “Pirata” Fuente stadium. There is certain symmetry to it being San Luis who condemned them to infamy; it was San Luis who lost their first division team back in 2013, while Veracruz “traded” their Ascenso team for a 1st division one.

Maybe the fans of the Tiburones Rojos could find some pleasure in their work or paying their mortgages, because their football team gives them nothing but heartbreak and disappointment.

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