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Who’s to Blame for Cruz Azul’s Troubles?

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - SEPTEMBER 30: Matias Vuoso of Cruz Azul (L) struggles for the ball with Luis Caballero of Atlas (R) during the 11th round match between Cruz Azul and Atlas as part of the Apertura 2015 Liga MX at Azul Stadium on September 30, 2015 in Mexico City, Mexico. (Photo by Hector Vivas/LatinContent/Getty Images)
Who’s to Blame for Cruz Azul’s Troubles?

After Sergio Bueno was replaced by tenacious manager Tomas Boy, all expectations have been set high.

Cruz Azul has only managed to win 3 league games out of 12 played. The “Celestes” president Billy Alvarez has stated that Boy is expected to take Cruz Azul to the “liguilla.”

After the recent draw vs Dorados last weekend it has become apparent that this will not be happening and the Cementeros will once again fall short of the so anxious title. Eighteen years have now passed since Cruz Azul held a league title in their hands.

Who’s to blame? The squad? The managers?

My personal opinion may or may not surprise many, but the president is to blame. Although Cruz Azul has shown flashes from their glory days with managers such as Sergio Markarian to most recently Luis Fernando Tena, it is obvious that Alvarez has not been making the wisest decisions.

For example when bringing Sergio Bueno to take over Cruz Azul during pre-season, it was a terrible decision from an athletic point of view and marketing as well. A coach known for typically managing bottom-feeding squads and not achieving much success. A bad move from the beginning.

Fans immediately reacted.

“El Estadio Azul” never filled at full capacity in disapproval of the manager and the recent results. For years fans have argued that a strong-minded personality was needed to change the image of the team. Tomas Boy fits the bill.

Now that Tomas Boy is here, don’t expect a Cinderella story, as he needs time to mold the team. Time that Alvarez historically has not conceded. It’s time for a change. That’s more than evident. I suggest we start with the head.

Cruz Azul has 12 points and sitting second to last in the table. With Boy at the helm, fans could have something to cheer about next season. The question is, will the front office ergo Billy Alvarez have enough patience?

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